women in police , how things are changing

I have been inside a police station , for my passport renewal. It was a pretty smooth process. One of current study shows women come forward to report crimes to women police stations as opposed to regular ones.

It was sheer coincidence last week when I read this study and watched an episode on Blue Bloods , TV series on NYPD. Both mentioned the same thing, the first one back home says women have come out and reported more crimes in all women police stations , 22% more.The TV show mentions how certain police protocols and gender of police officer makes the female victim worse off. ( while its a TV show one can understand how such a thing can happen)

Multiple studies have shown that female employees are more loyal in organisations ( albeit paid lesser ). It seems that they also help female victims forward. I am guessing this means good for the society.

While we a wish to see tribe of women in police increase. We also wish that many climb to the top.

Till then more power to women in Khakhi!