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We aim to be an extended arm of your foundation/ CSR dept by providing services needed by you to run your social impact programs optimally. These services range from monthly, quarterly, annual, and one-time activities.

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Our Proposition


The goal is to help you deliver a robust CSR/Social impact program, on the parameters you have defined.


The advantage you have is that you can scale up or down your program without worrying about the how of it.


It works on a need basis whether you want us to work on a monthly/ quarterly/annual


All we need from you is to define the tasks which need to be done and we will get it done in the required time.


We have a network of associates at different locations that help us offer you these services irrespective of where your projects are located.


  • Meeting NGO partners at the project locations to discuss how projects are progressing.
  • Meeting other stakeholders (like govt officials, school staff, beneficiaries).
  • Responding to any request from NGOs with respect to projects.
  • Monthly summary report on activities completed, along with pictures (if any).
  • Sharing the same with your communication team for posting on social media/ newsletters etc.
  • Execution of volunteering activity already planned for the month, submission of feedback report of the activity, and pictures/videos of the same.


  • Preparation of quarterly progress report (in formats for internal stakeholders) based on data obtained from the NGOs.
  • Quarterly spend report and submission of a request for funds for next quarter.
  • Planning the volunteering calendar for the coming quarter after consulting the NGO team / relevant people in your organization.
  • Planning of public events that involve inauguration / important milestones involving senior management in coordination with communication/NGO people in the organization.

One Time

  • Contacting relevant NGOs for a defined area on which you want to work on.
  • Requesting proposals from shortlisted NGOs in a prescribed format.
  • Analysis of proposals and arranging follow-up discussions with relevant NGO partners.
  • Final analysis submitted to relevant people to present to CSR committee for a final decision.
  • Finalizing the agreement, payment process in coordination with your finance team.
  • Final signature from both sides and release of payment.
  • Analyzing the short notes submitted by NGOs and submitting them to the concerned person in your organization for further action.
  • Communicating the selected NGOs, requesting relevant docs like (80G/FCRA/12A) and sharing agreement/MOU format with them.


  • Submission of the statutory report for submission to the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA).
  • Submission of the project to awards within or external to the organization.
  • Baseline, end of the line, and mid-line assessments for the project(s).
  • Annual report on how the project has progressed which would include.
  • Spend report (with deviations, if any)
  • Break up of activities completed, outcomes achieved
  • Plan for the coming year with respect to the project
  • Snapshot of a few beneficiaries and stakeholders associated with the project
  • Pictures and Video gallery of the project shared

We are working on UNESCO World Heritage sites like Hampi, Manas to preserve our heritage

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