Our journey so far

Putting our baby steps forward

Ashwidea ( pronounced as Aashw-idea) started in 2013 as a blog started by our Founder Ashwin Subramanian and his wife Preethy Iyer to document their steps to embrace sustainability in their lives.

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In 2015, We started our work with in the development sector with Wildlife trust of India which has been active for past 2 decades in protecting our flora and fauna.

With WTI in the first year we were able to get Mangrove restoration project in Kerala started in partnership with Apollo tyres . This has resulted in community support for conserving mangroves over 50 % of which had been degraded.


While working with Wildife trust , we did come across several other enquiries both from corporates & foundations to support projects in other areas as well. Ashwidea ( mind you we still were in a stealth mode ! ) started association with several other NGOs across the country , working on education, health, water , environment livelihoods …( no I am not going to mention the entire section 7 of sec 135 of company’s act, but you get the drift).

So what exactly do we do !

Well 3 words .

There is another aspect of our work which is part of our origin story (like a super hero origin story, although no one got bitten by spider here !). If you go through our previous avatar you will realise that Ashwin is completely nuts about waste and keeps looking at ways to reducing it.We also realised that waste can be turned into a resource and through our above work with NGOs, we met several social enterprises who are converting waste into products.However since demand is still quite low , scaling up for many of these enterprises is a challenge. So we aim to create the demand for these kind of products , you can check out the green office for more.

Our earlier avatar

about water

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water reuse

This is a sneak preview of our tryst with water before.

about recycling


We have given a sneak preview of our tryst with water before.

About Me

I am from from multiple places .Schooling in Delhi, chemical engineering from Panjab University in Chandigarh and MBA from SCMHRD, Pune. My working career started  in Mumbai with Nicholas Piramal as a Brand Manager.
While marketing is how I started , environment was something i have been passionate about.My love for environment has defined my work journey. A journey with many pit stops like Climate change, sustainability, Renewable energy consulting and spanned over a decade.
Now I run Ashwidea along with that, I run with a fabulous group of people called Runner’s High. I am married to Bangalore and my wife and have great fun with my 3, correction 4 yr old daughter.
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