• I am sure you have participated in a quiz in school, college, and even at work. It can be a silly contest for some brand trying to complete the slogan or trying to answer KBC questions and being scolded by parents on why don’t you enter KBC and answer the questions. What is the point? Well everyone loves a good contest, with friends, family, or complete strangers.
  • Our founder, Ashwin is/ will always be a trivia geek for information that is normally considered useless. He has been a quizzer since school days and finds setting quizzes super fun. We hope you too like quizzes as much as we do.
  • So in midst of all the zoom calls, uncertainty, and the misinformation of our times, quizzing can give us the sense of thrill of getting an answer right, a bit of game with your colleagues, and loads of fun.
  • So how do we do quizzing in these times, well choose any topic you want to engage your colleagues on, it can be about your company history, your sector, some important day or even a general quiz? We will make the quiz happen.

Type of Quizzes

We have 3 types of quizzes.

Live Quiz

Test your skills virtually.

We set up the quiz, which takes about a week.

We set up a zoom/ms teams call and send the link which your colleagues can use to join in.

During the quiz after every question, participants can see the leader board. This kind of gets competitive juices flowing.

While we can do any duration quiz, we recommend 15-20 question one to keep the interest for everyone.

We finish the quiz, announce the winners.

Do at your own time challenge Quiz

  • So we can set up an online quiz with a time limit which people can attempt at their leisure.
  • You can keep the quiz open for a certain period of time.
  • In these quizzes, we also provide feedback on a number of participants, scores and what questions people attempted, and how quickly they answer which can help you assess the activity and plan others.
  • Try out this challenge quiz and see how you fare, click here

Quizzes for a cause

  • Whether your organization is/ supporting a nonprofit working on a cause. We can help set up a quiz that acts as a fundraiser for the cause.
  • This can help get employees/participants into volunteers for the cause which you are already working on along with raising funds for the same.

During 2020, Ashwidea enabled in building better toilets and improved handwash hygiene for over 500 children

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