We are building toilets : What happens next ?

Why am I starting Monday with toilets ?   Well because we have so many toilets coming up across the country.  Its is also  #worldtoiletday today  urging to  everyone to look at Nature for managing our shit. As UNwater  poster eloquently says , “Nature calls , Nature Recycles”

Simply put, the shit and pee can be naturally decomposed into Manure and water for irrigation. This is of course will seem contrarian to how it works in cities. Wherein sewage pipes take it to a centralized waste treatment facility. We all know that one , cities are unable to keep up with increasing sewage treatment requirement. and two , whatever sewage treatment exits does is not upto the mark.

Hence it makes sense to look at low impact, decentralized, natural waste treatment system. I think it makes sense, what about you ?

In case your organisation supports building toilets, improving sanitation.We would love to have a chat on natural systems for doing the same.