How to get sustainable?

How can you and I be a part of the Sustainable Development?

Organizations have the biggest ability, resources, and even responsibility to drive positive environmental change through their sustainability journey.

We at Ashwidea would love to be part of your sustainability journey.

Carbon Neutrality

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Assisting you in reducing carbon footprint through renewable energy either in your office location or offsite through wind/solar power plants.
Identifying community projects such as solar-based applications for the community, biogas, efficient cookstoves, planting trees, and more.
Mapping the carbon emission reductions of these measures.

Engaging Employees on Sustainability

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We, like many others, feel that many environmental or social initiatives often fail to garner the right kind of audience in your organization or stakeholders. We have been working on issues related to sustainability and social impact for a while with corporates and Non-profits.


We help you plan engagement activities to promote a sustainable lifestyle by steps they can do at home or work ( when workplaces fully open up)


We have conducted several quizzes as well for organizations on themes ranging from waste, energy, conserving the environment, which help in gamify the learning on the themes you want to focus on.

Green Office

We work with enterprises that make products that can help you Green your office as they are made of recycled, upcycled, or handmade. Hence creating a lower environmental footprint and sustainable livelihoods.

Our Product Catalog

Madhubani design face masks

Classic lunch bag

Tote bag

Gift boxes

and much more…..

Looking for a partner in your sustainability journey

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