What does sustainability mean for you ?


Sustainability can mean different things for different people. A small business like ours would mean keeping ourselves afloat. In my consulting career, it would mean sustainability reporting. Even for folks in CSR space it largely refers to if projects can sustain the outcomes without the funding. Although I think Sustainable development goals by UN kind of covers all the points in terms of the world one would like to imagine.

If you are following our blog, thank you for that. One may get a sense that we are married into CSR and have a few “green” products on our page. This is largely true. However, the desire to embrace sustainability ( wow I used heading of Ashwidea as a blog) has always been part of actions small and big we take. The same we would like to see business small and big do as well. Fortunately in many cases, going green or being sustainable only brings you more value to the business. 

Carbon footprint

Currently, we are looking at two areas amidst the multitude of areas, one is CO2 emissions, measuring it and how you as a business can build sustainable solutions to bring it down. In case one needs to know why C02 emissions matter, you can read up this. This is an era of collective action and every small action can inspire larger action. 

Waste footprint

The other area is managing the waste problem, which if you are aware also ties into the CO2 issue. So looking at the waste which any facility generates which can be plastic bottles, paper, food waste, sugar packets and anything else you can think of. Many of it despite best intent sits in a landfill ( which means problem, not in my backyard ) and it just sits, well and polluting water, air and soil. We hope to bring solutions which exist and are economical which can either eliminate the waste in the first place or ensure that even if it is generated can be disposed ( recycled / up-cycled/ down-cycled) in the most responsible way. It would also mean using materials sourced locally made of natural materials too….which would create significant value for small and local businesses.  

Well here is hoping to have a chat with many of you regarding this, while we continue to work on social impact as well.