Environment friendly pens and pencils



Our aim is to provide environment friendly products which includes pens and pencils among other things of daily use.


Pen on the left writes just like the pen you are holding now. The difference  between the two is that the  only plastic element in this pen is the refill. Its body is made of recycled paper, which as you may know is environment friendly. Why is it good for environment ? The used paper from your printer, the diary on your desk if properly disposed get recycled. It means it gets converted to paper again. Then a social enterprise will roll the paper tightly around the refill and make a pen.  So no plastic means less petrol to make plastics , also lesser plastic in dump yards.  Hence good for environment and society.


On the right is pencil which works like pencil you or your child may use to draw. It sharpens the same way using sharpener.Its not made of wood . Its also made of recycled paper like the pen. So less wood for pencils , means less trees cut for them and hence good for environment. Another added bonus is we can provide you in multiple colors pink, green, blue,orange  and these colors are non chemical. They are organic so even after they are disposed they will ot harm the environment unlike chemicals in your wood pencils.

In case you want to know more on how to be environment friendly check out link here.

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