Corporate social responsibility in education

smart boards handover in bangalore

While currently corporate social responsibility efforts have been focused on COVID relief efforts and understandably so. We had the opportunity to work on a quick turn around CSR project in space of education just a month back. The world has changed a lot in this last month and so has our work. However, it’s also good to reflect on the work we have done in a pre-COVID era and what we can do in the post-COVID world.

With the support of Endurance International, the company behind Big rock and many other internet brands. We with our NGO partner CBM India came up with a twin city CSR project which focused on Govt schools in Bangalore and Mumbai. This project had two parts, one focused on renovating the toilet complex to ensure better usability and the second to improve classroom learning through digital tools.

In both locations, smart boards with laptops will benefit both teachers and students with the learning process. The presence of accessible and hygienic toilets will have an impact on the drop rate of students which also includes students with disabilities. These help to get children back going to school at the same time keep learning interesting.

Even though schools came to an abrupt end, we do hope learning for these 6400 students doesn’t stop. While corporate social responsibility is a key funding source for such projects, the more critical aspect is the spirit of volunteering.

We do hope that shines through amidst these times and we may soon see volunteers for the NGOs who would help the schools to ensure that these CSR projects sustain the impact.