Diwali, Calendars et al

Hi Everyone,

So, Diwali is on us. We in Bangalore celebrated yesterday (and some today) , while some will be celebrating Today (I could be wrong about this!)  Of course with a prayer that let there be less crackers burst, or rains whole day. ( I just read of cloud seeding in delhi to reduce pollution).

I am sure some of you would have visited our site. (thank you very much for that!) We recently started working with WWF India to take their products which are made of recycled material/sustainably sourced / handmade to more people. There is a whole range of products from calendars to notebooks to even colouring books for kids. Buying them helps the conserve the nature as we know it.

I believe in this when I say that If you don’t think you need a calendar, notebook, pen and can reuse an old one. No one would be happier than us. (Yes, I did my MBA in marketing and I am saying this).

But If you love to gift someone or need it for your office or clients. Please reach out to us.

Image is one of the many which show our nature in its all glory.We will be sharing more on our site so keep coming back.

Till then clean air to all.