Building your website

Its been over a year or so when we embarked on building our website.

Needless to say we underestimated the work needed to put up a website, earlier this year we decided to get some one knows what they are doing. Since we had little idea what it takes , it took us a while and  our website was nowhere near completion.

Then like many times in course of our work , my partner and investor ( i guess i can call her that !) Preethy Iyer came to our help and through Arunima in her team at founding minds .Arunima took time from other busy paid projects to help us getting website to shape it is in now and the various designs which she helped create.

We finally worked with Sandeep gupta from webgenesis. They know their stuff and have pretty fast turnaround time .Finally all this added up in us getting  a website , with a cool chat feature and much more cool features we had not envisaged.

In case you are curious about our logo , it was done by Sneha from eyepoppear. That is the story is for another day.

Thank you all of you for helping us get here.