Green wedding


Weddings in our country can be exercises in excess (definition of excess may change in light of high profile weddings recently). While everyone wants to celebrate their weddings in their own way ( and no qualms about it , its your money or your parents money). However the materials used for decoration, food served, gifts , wedding cards , number of vehicles parked  all have an impact on everyone else as well.

Many of the above do not have any utility beyond that day hence will land up in landfill for its slow burn and wonderful fumes.  So can we avoid this? , surely to some extent .  While less is more should be the mantra , the choice of materials also makes a big difference.

Use of super glossy materials for anything, decorations, cards etc have zero end use . You cannot recycle them. Best bet is this waste reaches cement plant where it is burnt, very unlikely though . How you can help is, by choosing  materials which can be sent for recycling or composting. It would be great to check if the marriage venue has a waste composting unit. As per the law in Bangalore they need to have it.

Now what is all this got to do with us.Well we have been providing products for events and conferences which are made of recycled, upcycled , handmade materials.

The pic is one type of wedding cards we can print. Its made of recycled paper .its not bleached so it uses lesser water. You can use it as bookmark or scribbling pad. Finally it can be easily recycled.

However in era of whatsapp forwards, printing cards can be also avoided. Here is hoping for many celebrations, sorry green celebrations.