Football for life(skills)

football as csr project

This december is a very important month in Indian sports calendar. IPL auctions got over making the usual headlines for turning teenagers into crorepatis and providing them launch pad. Advent of sports leagues augurs well for our country which is usual obsessed with Class X, XII marks. While it is a path to earning livelihood , that real focus esp in schools should be something different.

Sports and we will not be talking of cricket ( although its very hard in midst of Ind- Aus cricket series 🙂 . We will be talking of football and how it can be powerful means to build character. We work with Just for kicks who enable kids to learn football and life-skills at 6 locations across the country. The focus is on tapping into sheer joy which football can provide to kids playing it. It also helps kids become aware of how to play the game ( technical skills ) , also understand how to work with each other to achieve a goal ( which is literally scoring a goal!).

The impact of this program is beyond number of budding footballers . It has helped them reveal their character, We hope to be see many more schools embrace football and other sports in their learning process. If you are working in education and would like to explore this in schools you work with , we would love to have a chat.