CSR to construct a classroom,toilet or do more

construct classroom under csr

We are back again here to talk about what else but CSR.
I am sure by many of you are in unenviable position to perform the balancing act of how to readjust the funds available.
Should you wait and watch for another wave of COVID to provide relief then? ( not sure if its gonna be waves or one large tsunami !) . Or would it be prudent to support the NGOs who have been also working with affected communities through various CSR projects?
We have not yet forayed into crystal gazing yet so will hold on with the predictions. Nevertheless, it has provided an opportunity to reinvent and rethink.

Classroom or Educator or Both

Today I would like to pick up a small aspect which would be pertaining to education especially on what CSR ends up as in some cases.
I remember having a conversation in the head office of large public sector company and getting a reply we would only support the construction of the building. I was in a particularly politically incorrect mood and ended up telling them if teachers are not paid and trained well what will you do with the building.

It’s an unfortunate mindset wherein unless something physically is given or made, your contribution to society does not count. Funnily corporate social responsibility act provisions don’t say anything about this.
Mind you I am not saying we should not build washrooms, classrooms or computer lab. Absolutely do it, but let’s not do just that only. Let’s pay for a trainer who is going to teach students how to maintain better hygiene or learn to code.
Let’s not only count the outcomes only in terms of toilets built but also usage of it or how many students are practising better hygiene.
There is also an element of sustainability which can be built-in using that. As in if you find a good educator as a volunteer in your organisation or in the community she can carry the flame forward. That allows the organisation to move to more areas and keep being the catalyst for change.