5 ways to go green in 2020

5 ways to go green

Today is the world environment day. It allows us to take a stock of what we can do make our planet survive and thrive. Here is our 5 ways you can go green. 


We are talking about the shiny thing which wraps things we buy the containers which store food we order and several others. While we would love to have a scenario where whatever we discard can be recycled or reused, truth is that number is less than 20 %. So till then instead of ordering in, go out and eat .Scratch that. Do that when pandemic blows over .

Take containers with you when you step out to pack food/leftovers. This avoids both food waste and packaging with it. Buy from places which don’t put stuff in unnecessary packaging. If prices are not too different online/ offline buy offline you will save on bubble wrap, cardboard and several other layers of packaging. Buy offline not from a super crowded shop , only if you can .


We are staring at a very dramatically water-less future, so it is time to ration like hell. These can be simple ones like DIY water aerator which can cut down water supply significantly. Especially since we are into hand washing. If you are redoing your house then try reusing washing machine wastewater for toilets like here. 


60 % of household waste is food waste which can be managed at home. All it needs you to do is keep your food waste in a container in your kitchen and after all that go and dump it your composter. Add microbes like this and within 6 weeks you will have your manure ready. Just put in pot with soil and even if you don’t have a green thumb, something will grow ( to quote Jurassic Park, “Nature finds a way” ). Plus you can be sure that waste workers don’t have to go through your muck or pinch your nose at street corners.


Till a few yrs back, solar power was quite expensive, however with increasing demand and favorable policies. Any company/shop/ home which gets a reasonable amount of sun can practically generate their power with payback of 2-3 yrs. This would mean lesser coal being burnt for electricity which I am sure you know is good for everyone.


We can now get any food item from anywhere in the world. While it is convenient, however, the side effect is growing food as per demand rather than what suits a local climate, soil and biodiversity. There is also food miles which is distance food travels from the farm to your plate. Traditionally farmers have been grown what suits the soil and the climate using seeds which they saved the previous crop. However because of consumer demand for non-local, exotic fruits and veggies and lower returns for traditionally grown and climate-resilient crops. This has turned to a disaster for the environment and in the long run the farmer who is at mercy of consumer taste. So vote for local varieties, which will be traditionally grown without pesticides and chemicals and will translate into lower food miles. 

So these are 5 ways to Go Green, Hope you make the switch and use this opportunity nature has given us to reflect on how we affect the world.