Blend of CSR, Volunteering & Marketing like a yummy dish

Ashwidea’s blended choices gives your organisation the power to chose from a matrix of options for your social impact needs.

We like to support causes close to us. Most likely near where work or live (or lived before). This seems logical. Give back to the community you live and work. Typically, it would involve supporting a Government school, organizing a medical/blood donation camp nearby, or planting trees. These initiatives serve as a solution for an urgent need that has to be resolved within a short time like a week or a month.
However, when an organization or a large group of committed individuals want to make a difference it is important to look beyond piecemeal solutions and look at long-term measures that will solve multi-dimensional, complex problems.

Curate. Create. Manage


  • There are multiple activities that lakhs of NGOs are doing and all of them make sense in their own right
  • As a donor whether a corporate/foundation or an individual we give you a set of chosen projects which cover the most relevant issues for the society
  • And since most of these projects are already creating a social impact you don’t have to worry about if these may or may not work.
  • We have over 20 Curated projects across Education, health, water Sanitation, Skill development & Environment


  • Create goes one step forward, It is for you who knows what you are looking for.
  • We mean the right social impact project to invest in, which may be close to your offices, which works on a specific aspect of education like teacher training, for which you have the resources.
  • Not very different from Mangrove one we mentioned, we’re in, to begin with, it was just a piece of land which had mangroves.
  • Our partners were clear on what they wanted it became much bigger and spread across the district.
  • When you click here you can see where the mangroves are, which of them need to be restored, it just opens up so many possibilities. To be honest we didn’t realize this when we started the discussions


  • As the word suggests we keep a track of the projects in terms of the activities, money spent, outcomes.
  • We do it through good old fashioned fieldwork and collaboration to help donors and NGOs if the project needs course correction or not.
  • We are constantly looking at “Doing More” at each project and “ What else” can we do
  • We are also working with a couple of tech partners which will help NGOs/companies manage the project better

Cause marketing

  • We help you match brand’ identity with causes
  • Brand can use its sales or customers to help raise funds for the cause
  • In-Kind Support to the causes
  • Even raise awareness through its multiple channels


  • This can be part of the above Projects
  • Strategic Pro-bono activities that match employee skills with requirements
  • 1 day or half a day group activity for employees
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