Healthcare is inaccessible to the poor,unfriendly, costly and complex. Health is not a priority for the poor. They  treat it  informally through symptomatic relief through self medication when it affects their work.They often see repeat episodes of preventable illness.The result is resistance to treatment and loss of up to one month of productive time /year. Almost 1/3rd of them live with some undiagnosed illness and die early.


Our NGO partner , Swasti has a program Integrated Community Health and Wellness model called “i4We”. It  aims to  improve the health outcomes of communities living in low income areas with the focus on prevention. 

How it works

A household becomes a member by contributing Rs 50/week in a group which includes

  • Free treatment at a local i4we health center
  • free insurance for hospitalisation for family
  • Reimbursement of family expenses
  • Screening & Treatment for 10 high- burden conditions
  • Access to savings and credit, support groups, health education and advice
  • Improvement in sanitation, air, water and food which have key impact on health
  • Prompt care through family-first response
  • Strong technology component -app for health facilitator, nurse , health care provider.
  • AI- enabled real -time analysis and dashboards.
  • Point of care diagnostics and other innovations.

Numbers :

  • 5000 families
  • 20 Health facilitators, 1 nurse , 1 program  manager, dial in doctor deliver preventive, promotive and curative aspects of healthcare
  • 10 Primary conditions are treated locally and if need be with a video dial in doctor
  • 10 High burden conditions ( anemia, diarrhea, blood sugar etc) are screened and treated & where required chronic conditions managed.

Expected Outcomes: 

  1. Increase health days by 30 %
  2. Reduce undiagnosed conditions by 30%
  3. 50 Million households get quality health care
  4. Self propelled , viable health care model

Locations:Maharashtra,Madhya pradesh,Chattisgarh,AP,telangana, Karnataka,TN, Delhi-NCR

Budget: Rs 25 lakhs +