Girl’s Glory

Improper Health and Hygiene in Schools is of the reasons for dropouts in while they are at schools.
One aspect is lack of proper toilets, their maintenance and associated hygiene with respect to it.
In adolescents, there is a lack of awareness on menstrual health and its management, which leads to dropouts in girls.

Girl’s Glory addresses these by:
1.Construction/Renovation of Toilets in schools
2.Sanitation, hygiene, Menstrual health Management

Training students on importance of hand washing and overall hygiene
Separate workshops on Menstrual health management with focus on girls
Training for parents, teachers and other community members with importance of hygiene

3.Maintenance of Toilets


Impact So far
1. 6000 girls, 3500 boys and 1200 teachers across 35 Schools.
2. It has helped in increasing attendance esp. in girls and has had a positive influence on hygiene practices in their homes


Geographies : Pan India

Annual Budget: 10 -25 Lakhs