Financial Inclusion & Lighting


Problem: While we are reaching 100 % electrification in India, we are still far from ensuring availability of power at all times ( or at least after day light is not available).This affects people’s lives in multiple ways whether it is health, education or carryout their routine work.


Solution: An individual solar power system for a household which can be customised as per hosuehold’ needs. The system is provided to beneficiaries via banks through monthly payments . The gap funding of Rs 3000 per system is needed from CSR/Grant funds


Impact so far: Over 2600 systems operational in states of Karnataka, Tamil Nadu & Bihar
1. 95% of the people repay the loan for such system
2. Households avail of an asset and are able to build credit history
3. Significant savings to households that can be invested in other productive uses
4. Significant health benefits for children and parents by eliminating the use of kerosene


Budget: 10-30 Lakhs


Geographies: Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, Bihar