In India there are an estimated 20 lakh children with disabilities, and most of them are in rural locations.There are many children with cerebral palsy, intellectual disabilities, multiple disabilities and autism. These children are spending their lives within the four walls of their home for so many years, due to lack of awareness of different stakeholders.

So it is indeed important for us to bring them out to the world! It is possible through enrollment to schools and offering education. However, lack of awareness of parents, teachers and community on the potential of children with disabilities creates challenge for the children.


Our NGO partner , CBM India aims at promoting inclusive education at Rural/semi-urban areas across India, enabling out of school children with disabilities getting enrolled to community education centre (CEC), and further to mainstream school.

Project Activities

The children being addressed have dropped out of formal education or not had any form of formal education. The first step is to bridge the education gap in them ,which is provided by Community education centres. These CECs will be set up in Govt schools where number of children with disabilities is high. Along with this govt schools will be made inclusive to accommodate students with disabilities.Teachers and other stakeholders are also trained on inclusion.


  1. Enable 25 children with disabilities enroll CECs in year 1
  2. Enable 28-30% students of CECs to enroll mainstream school by end of year 1
  3. Equip 03 government school with accessible infrastructure, curriculum and methodologies creating enabling environment for inclusion
  4. Train 50 parents of children with disabilities on life skills
  5. Awareness in community and school management on disability inclusion

Locations:Pan India

Budget: Rs 50 lakhs