Catch the early bird


Students learn best through experience especially what they see around them. One key gap in this to provide right kind of learning material for students and teachers to use them in schools.
Early Bird provides Bird flashcards , Bird guides for students to identify birds and learn about the ecosystem. It trains teachers , provides them with course material in regional languages as well.


Expected Impact
Targeting over 40,000 children through Non English, early bird guides
over 200 Teachers trained , reaching 16,000 children through them


Geographies : Govt schools in Rural Karnataka , Maharashtra


Budget: 10-30 lakhs


Way forward: 
Bird Flash cards developed In Marathi/Kannada and taken to 1000 Schools


Bird Curriculum: will be completed and made available for free download through our website


Educator’ Workshops: Between 6 to 8 workshops for educators will be conducted at different locations in the country, with the total number being trained between 180 and 240 people.


Handbook for Bird educators: To train the educators, a handbook will be created and translated into kannada/Marathi. This will act as a comprehensive resource for educators to conduct the activities with students.


Audio-visual material for children to learn about birds, a series of short films on common birds that all children can see around them, and their connection to the local environment