Evidence proves that education can lead to improved health, reduced poverty and child mortality. But what enables individuals to make the ‘right’ choices – ones that take responsibility for improving our combined futures? We believe that strong leadership skills are vital to creating choices as well as making the right choices.

This program leverages the power of football to hone critical life skills in children. The program includes sessions in the school through the year. It culminates in a full-fledged league where a child’s leadership skills are fostered further.

The program’s structure is as follows 

  • Discovery Phase   On the students building a love for the game, and developing their relationship with the ball and being able to manipulate, move it and feel comfortable with it.
  • Skills Acquisition PhaseAfter passing, shooting, ball control and dribbling are established .The program focuses on mastering these technical skills through repetition, practice and understanding how they are used together. Comprehension of this relationship is essential to move forward from the basics.
  • Game PhaseThe third phase of the program is focuses on the application of all these football and life-skills in a regular football match, i.e. tactics, positioning, team dynamics and understanding the opposition.

A typical lesson has students going through 5-6 different session components .This starts from a Warm Up, moving to a Fun Activity, Skill Practice, and then Match Practice.

Life-skills are taught implicitly and explicitly across all these components. Each session ends with a Cool Down and Team Talk.

Expected Reach : 5500 Children across 125 Govt/Low budget pvt schools

Expected Outcomes: 

  1. Children train on technical skills (football), physical fitness and life skills. Measuring  for these skills happens at start and end of year.
  2. Children are exposed to different opportunities throughout the year. (e.g. participating in different tournaments, scouting processes, leading sessions etc.) This results in immediate and long-term outcomes.

Locations: Mumbai,Pune,Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai & Dharwad


Budget: Rs 25 lakhs +